Is there such a thing as a "Diabetic Diet"? posted on 02/06/2015

Risk of malnutrition in older adults is very high with a recent study conducted by the Dietetics Association of Australia recording the prevalence of malnutrition in residential care facilities as high as 40%-70%.

Is there such a thing as a

It is for this reason that unwarranted restrictions on diets in the older adult are not recommended. It is now recognised that moderate amounts of sugar can be included in the diets of individuals with diabetes, in conjunction with a well-balanced diet that includes high fibre carbohydrates.

Residents with diabetes within our facilities receive the same nutritionally complete diet that all residents receive. We provide good-quality, well-balanced meals complete with lean sources of protein, low glycaemic index and high fibre carbohydrates plus a variety of vegetables. As with most medical conditions, there are individual cases where residents have unstable diabetes. In these cases, residents are reviewed by the Aegis dietitian in conjunction with the GP. Tailored nutrition plans are implemented appropriately to ensure their diabetes is adequately controlled, whilst maintaining optimal nutrition and quality of life.

Aegis has recently released a brochure on diabetes for residents, family and friends. The Diabetes in Aged Care brochure is available from each facility on request. Its aim is to enable family and friends to educate themselves and develop a better understanding of diabetes to ensure that they make informed decisions when bringing in food for their loved ones.

Overall, Aegis aims to provide its residents with nutritious, great tasting meals and snacks served in an enjoyable environment, to ensure residents maintain their health and quality of life.

Ice Bucket Challenge makes splash at Woodlake posted on 17/04/2015

When Jane Green, Clinical Nurse Manager of Aegis Woodlake Aged Care Residence in Kingsley, was approached to do the "Ice Bucket Challenge" she willingly accepted without hesitation.

Ice Bucket Challenge makes splash at Woodlake

Close to her heart and within her work place is Marion Manning who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease. Mrs Manning was watching and cheering on Jane who sat anxiously before she was doused with a bucket of icy water. "I accepted the challenge at work to involve all our residents and staff." said Jane. "Staff and residents seemed extremely excited about me getting icy cold and wet! But I was only going to be like that for a few minutes and wasn't going to suffer for the rest of my life like those who suffer from Motor Neurone Disease. This disease not only affects the sufferer but those around them and caring for them so anything that can raise money has to be a great cause."

Sandra Kinsman, Facility Manager of Aegis Woodlake, thanked all their wonderful residents, their families and staff who supported Jane's challenge, saying, "The more awareness of this debilitating, terminal disease that many people suffer from, the better. Our target was to raise $1,000.00, and we didn't think we would get close, however on the day we raised well over $500.00 and the money keeps coming in."

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