Coronavirus COVID-19

All Facilities In Lockdown Last Updated: 25/03/2020

The absolute priority of Aegis Aged Care is to meet the health and safety needs of our vulnerable, frail residents and dedicated staff.

Due to the Lockdown, considered essential to protect our Residents and Staff, additional special activities and personal interactions are being provided. Under our We Care Like Family philosophy, we will strive to engage even more to reduce any emotional affect of loved ones not being able to visit

Recent Developments

  • The State Government has announced that all Western Australian borders are closed. Only necessary supplies and essential personnel will be permitted to enter. This should dramatically reduce the risk of the virus being spread from other countries and within Australia.
  • The Federal Government has announced a substantial financial stimulus package to support all sectors of the Economy adversely affected by restrictive measures introduced, particularly in relation to the hospitality, tourism, and sporting activities.
  • No residents within the Aegis Group have been detected with the Coronavirus and the one staff member who tested positive at the small TCP Ascot Facility is well and will remain at home.
  • The Federal Government has already announced that all overseas arrivals to Australia must self-isolate for 14 days irrespective of the country of origin. The State Government has also applied this law to Interstate travellers. Their advice is that for an indefinite period, no one should travel overseas. The rules of self-isolation remain strict and the financial penalties severe.
  • The Prime Minister has advised that schools and day care centres will remain open to reduce the spread of infection in the wider Community and impact the healthcare workforce at a time of greatest need, including doctors and nurses.
  • The number of reported cases of the virus in WA remains relatively low compared to incidence in other parts of the world but the spread in our Community is increasing.
  • The Government has stated that from 1 May, all Visitors must have had their Influenza Vaccination in order to visit an Aged Care Facility.

Visiting Restrictions

As the Government has imposed strict laws to isolate our Nation and Community from a virus that is far more prevalent in other countries, Aegis has joined many other Approved Providers of Residential Aged Care Services to lockdown all of our Facilities to prevent our residents and essential staff being exposed from outside.

All Visitors and Staff are now required to have their temperature taken and confirm they have no symptoms each day they attend an Aegis Facility. We are sure this will provide all staff with additional confidence that Aegis is determined to prevent the virus entering our Facilities.

We remain confident that all family and friends of our vulnerable residents share this responsibility and desire for the protection of their loved ones to be guaranteed to the maximum extent possible.

All staff are also required to have their temperature taken and sign a Declaration to confirm they have no symptoms each day they attend their Facility. We are sure this will provide all residents, families and staff with additional confidence that Aegis is determined to prevent the virus entering our Facilities.

The duration of the Lockdown will be reviewed depending on the status of the COVID-19 virus and influenza in our Community.

Subject to the prior approval of our Facility Manager and strict adherence by Visitors to the Conditions of Entry, controlled visits will be permitted under special circumstances including the compassionate need of residents and their loved ones.

Resident Leave From Facility

A resident may only leave their Facility to attend essential medical appointments (hospital, doctor, necessary test) or otherwise as approved by the Facility Manager. It is unlikely that approval will be granted for social visits given the unknown inherent risk.

Be assured that the strict Infection Control Protocols being imposed are applied equally to our Facility staff as directed by the WA Department of Health.

Staying In Contact

All residents and their family/ friends will be assisted and encouraged to stay in contact. This will be facilitated by the following:

  • Contact the Facility to enquire about the resident. Extra staff will be available to receive your enquiry and pass on information as appropriate.
  • Additional telephones will be available for our staff to provide direct conversation with loved ones.
  • Video Chat links can be offered that will enable direct video, audio, or text contact by arrangement. App installation information will be provided on request.
  • Visitation will be considered with prior approval as outlined above.
  • We will naturally continue to maintain communication with resident primary contacts in the event of any matters arising in relation to their health status or as they request.
  • We will continue to review our communication methods.

Increased Lifestyle Services

To assist our residents to adjust to any emotional impact from our reduced external visitation, we propose to increase the available Lifestyle activities and services offered. Activities in which social distancing is unable to be managed are being reviewed and may be reduced. At this time, all intergenerational activities involving school aged children will not be continuing nor any bus outings.

These arrangements may change in the future and we will be in communication with our residents and primary contacts when these occur.

New Facility Admissions

Because of our responsibility to provide ongoing residential care to our Community, it is not proposed that the admission of new residents or the discharge/transfer of residents be significantly affected by our necessary visitation restrictions. It will, however, be necessary to consider the following as part of that process:

  • All Visitors and prospective residents will need to be screened to ensure they do not present any risk to our existing residents or our staff.
  • Our usual Facility Tour process will be significantly reduced to include only those areas considered necessary to explain the services and amenities being offered at our Facility.
  • Our website does contain a video tour and pictures of each Aegis Facility for your review.
  • The Facility will decide to set time periods for visits based on staff availability.

Ongoing Monitoring

We continue to closely monitor the Department of Health website for aged care-specific updates:

We also monitor the Western Australia Department of Health website for regular updates on State cases and local resources:

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