Coronavirus COVID-19

Visiting Further Relaxed Last Updated: 13/07/2020

We continue to be pleased with the positive response we have received to the previous significant relaxation of our COVID Facility Entry management process. We greatly appreciate the understanding and appreciation shown by all Visitors who have acted responsibly in our ongoing efforts to meet the reasonable expectations of everyone.

Our preparedness to relax restrictions results from the sustained low number of COVID-19 cases in WA. But the rapid recent second wave of the Pandemic cases in Victoria as well as the still rampant Global spread are sobering reminders of what is possible with this highly contagious virus.

We remain aware of our Duty of Care and will continue to focus on the protection of our vulnerable Residents and dedicated Staff. The COVID situation will be constantly reviewed and we will react as considered necessary.

Visits by Family have been permitted throughout this unprecedented crisis. We welcomed the COVID-19 Residential Care Visitor Access Code agreed between the Government and Providers, as updated on 3 July 2020.

General Guidelines

Should you wish to visit a loved one, it is no longer required that you gain prior approval from the Facility but depending on your circumstances, the following general Guidelines will apply to keep our Residents safe:

  • Family and Friends are welcome to visit our Facility for the benefit and wellbeing of our Residents. The duration and frequency of the visit will be considered as deemed appropriate to the needs of the Resident. The involvement of Family in these circumstances is always appreciated.
  • To assist us with the visitation management and screening process, entry will only be permitted through the front door and we request the visit be conducted in the Resident’s room. To suit our Care and Hospitality Timetables, preferred Visiting Times will remain 9.00 to 11.30am and 1.00 to 4.00pm daily, including weekends. Entry at other times will be favorably considered where considered warranted.
  • Where Residents are at end of life, regular visits from loved ones will be offered with the number of people, length, frequency, and nature of the visits considered compassionately.
  • Absence by a Resident for an external medical or other appointment will be considered on request and Social Leave of up to 5 hours can be conditionally approved. Special approval is required for absences of a longer duration.
  • We will continue to facilitate connection between our Residents and Family/Friends by way of visiting their bedroom, designated area, visiting window, or other technology based solution.

Staying In Contact

All residents and their family/friends will continue to be assisted and encouraged to stay in contact. This will be facilitated by the following:

  • Contact the Facility to enquire about the resident. Extra staff will be available to receive your enquiry and pass on information as appropriate.
  • Additional telephones will be available for our staff to provide direct conversation with loved ones.
  • Video Chat links can be offered that will enable direct video, audio, or text contact by arrangement. App installation information will be provided on request.
  • We will naturally continue to maintain communication with resident primary contacts in the event of any matters arising in relation to their health status or as they request.
  • We will continue to review our communication methods.

Increased Lifestyle Services & Resident Surveys

To assist our residents to adjust to the now only slightly reduced external visitation, we have maintained an increased level of Lifestyle activities and services offered. Activities in which social distancing is unable to be managed continue to be reviewed. All intergenerational activities involving school aged children will remain suspended but some bus outings have been reinstated.

We are conducting ongoing Resident Feedback Surveys to gauge the response of residents to our Lifestyle programs and the outcomes continue to be overwhelmingly positive with the majority of residents reporting a significantly increased enthusiasm and engagement. These Lifestyle enjoyment programs will continue to be expanded and be varied in the future. We will be in communication with our residents and primary contacts when these occur.

New Facility Admissions & Respite

The admission of new residents or respite care is not being significantly affected by COVID-19. It is, however, necessary to consider the following as part of that process:

  • Our usual Facility Tour process will be reduced to include only those areas considered necessary to explain the services and amenities being offered at our Facility.
  • Our website does contain a video tour and pictures of each Aegis Facility for your review.
  • The Facility will decide to set time periods for visits based on staff availability.