Aegis Hilton Park Contemporary and neighbourly

Aegis Hilton Park has been designed to offer a broad range of accommodation and lifestyle options for 136 residents in five wings.

Hilton is a suburb surrounded by water from nearby lakes, rivers and the sea. We have used this water connection to name each of the areas, or wings, after local and south west rivers. From north to south there are Swan, Canning, Serpentine, Murray and Blackwood. Aegis Hilton Park is an 'ageing in place' facility and both high and low care accommodation is available in all areas. Blackwood offers specialist dementia care.

Accommodation comprises both single and double rooms with a large en suite bathroom and air conditioning. The different areas, or wings, all have lounge and dining areas as well as access to extensive gardens and patio areas.

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Aegis Hilton Park - Pricing from 1st April 2024. Current MPIR: 8.34%

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