Aegis Lincoln Park Historic dwelling with charming features

Located in Central Highgate, close to the Perth CBD, Aegis Lincoln Park offers Low and High Care, with ageing in place where possible

Aegis Lincoln Park offers a range of accommodation and lifestyle options for 46 residents in four areas to complement a vibrant community in caring for the elderly. Of these rooms, 14 have ensuite bathrooms. The wings all have dining areas and access to gardens and patio areas.

This location ensures that a large variety of shopping and service options including restaurants and shopping. Many 'day trip' venues are located close-by, providing a wonderful variety of choice for that special outing.



Aegis Lincoln Park - picture-01-entry.jpg Aegis Lincoln Park - picture-02-dining.jpg Aegis Lincoln Park - picture-03-hallway.jpg Aegis Lincoln Park - picture-04-courtyard.jpg Aegis Lincoln Park - picture-05-gardens.jpg Aegis Lincoln Park - picture-06-heritage-building.jpg Aegis Lincoln Park - picture-07-bedroom.jpg

Pricing from 1st January 2021. Current MPIR: 4.02%